Edgar (feds01) wrote,

it's just so weird. the roads my life takes.
like....last night, Bob went to sheffield to perform in his band, and i was left homeless in London.
homeless in one of the biggest and most dangerous cities in the world.
and oddly enough i didn't care.
it's just weird...i think before i would've been so freaked out. but, i just knew something good would happen.
and it did.
i ended up going to an amazign razzmatazzzzz clothes swapping party. getting too drunk for my own good, falling asleep and meeting some really great Londoners.

and like, ...the guy who was hosting the party, alex, was even amazign enough to take me out for breakfast the next day.....

it's crazy...because it just made me think about how amazing people are....

it's just a weird though, and maybe i'm just really hung over....

but i guess, as i've told some of my friends before...i've felt lots of times that i don't deserve kindness...and that i only deserve to give it out...

but one thing that i have really learned is that if you are kind to people, you will have the same in return.

it's a stupid, simple thought, i know.
but i've just been thinking about everyone that i've met....in leeds, in berlin. and also, everyone back home in the INLAND EMPIRE......
and it just honestly fills my heart with joy......to think that i have such great people in my life now

when there was that point that i felt that i didn't deserve this happiness...

like, i was reading some of my journals...and in one of them, i talk about how my ex-best friend from elementary school, James Long, got to go to Paris...and how i felt that i'd never go, because i didn't deserve that....

and too bad, now i have been to paris, and feel that it's totally overrated. (as is london as well i've been feeling lately)

oh, and i met the boy from the Spring 2005 edition of BUTT magazine! ahahahaha he was quite nice. and got me and daniel and bob and some other friends into a club for free.

now i wish i would've been writing everything that has happened to me now. as i know most of you guys won't believe it....ahahahaha

but, on a different note. i am thinking of starting a "journal". it'll be a semi-academic, semi-stupid, semi-everything journal, on weird things. from cucumber sex to the life and crimes of John Wayne Gacey.

and i'd like to see if anyone would like to contribute an article/artwork/etc. to it. I've been trying to think of titles for this journal,a nd this is what i have so far:

La Curandera


Conexiones Paganas

La Pagana


La Mirada del Abismo

Do the Devil Dance

and it'll be subtitled:
The Journal of the Normal, Abnormal, and the Paranormal + Queer Sex, Vegetarianism, and Art?

so what do you think???? who's with me.????
submit your ideas today! ahahahah

(i can just imagine the massive response i'm gonna get form this ahahahahah..)

until then, i will keep my fingers crossed.

so, leeds tomorrow. and I might see peaches there...maybe?

gah i can't believe i'm going HOME soon!!!!!!!!!!
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