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ain't nothing wrong with bob's ding-dong

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fast + quick is the style of this new entry! I have a lot of things I need to be working on (mostly school-related)...therefore I want to quickly talk about the happenings of my life here in Leeds these past few weeks....

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first off, Fran came back!!! here she is with her "boy" michael in my room! they look cute right??

we ended up going out and dancing...kind of? and i ended up discovering that white cider is not my friend....

so this last Saturday was the Queer Mutiny North Spring Gathering here in Leeds!

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it was held at this amazing building...it was an abandoned nunnery!!! too bad there were crosses on the windows, which totally went along with all the crazy paraphiliactic happenings inside the building!

and by happenings i mean shenanagans?!

cuz that sounds better!

so, i had my shamanic performance there....it's too complicated to talk about...

but to summarize:

i acted like a crazy screaming bitch
danced, chanted, and broke a mirror?!
i fell down super hard and pretended that i had done in on purpose
and yesssss it's on video!:)

i think it went well?!

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oh and jeremy came up from London to see it!!! here we are in my room with Susan! ...we went home after my performance...and i was super tired! and i was kinda drunk still from getting a bit drunk from the performance....but, too bad we started drinking in my room?! and i kept drinking the rest of the day?!!

it's the first time in my life that i've been drunk continuously for a whole day?!!!

but hopefully not the last!

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we returned later at night to see Jean Genet and BoyCunt perform at the squat!!!

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here's a picture of BoyCunt's lead singer Gary!

can someone say:

close...very close enough

ps> i want to go back to Berlin ASAP after seeing this PICTURE!!! that's alexanderplatz in the background!!!! guh why didn't i find them the last time i went!!!???
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***sigh berlin***
but i digress...

so, then after boycunt's super cute show, Bob's loveable and (s)exxxcitable band Jean Genet came on!!!

and it was a super good show!
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too bad jeremy took all the pictures from the queer squat because my camera's batteries had died...and too bad he only got pictures of bob?! well there are a few pictures of Helena, but they're like totally cut off?!

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but jeremy did manage to take this cute pic of Bob where it looks like he's singing to me!

and then this picture:
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too bad this was after Helena had "accidentally" pulled bob's jockstrap revealing his "fireman"....and exposiing it to the lucky audience in the front!!! ahahaha

and i was in the front......



i met some amazing people that night, including a girl who started yodelling at me?!

and a really nice guy from Barcelona that Brian and I might stay with ?!

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oh and josh went too....here i am doing my incredibly cute pose again

lol jk???

so the next day, Josh, Jeremy and I went on the megabus to London to see Angie Reed play at the Spitz!

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and on the way there, we saw that we were sitting next to none other than the Leeds mini-scenester!!! it's the guy in the black jacket..he's real cute, like 3 feet tall and super scene?!


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her show was AMAZING! not only is her music GREAT ...but her video work was overwhelmingly beautiful!!! it made me fall in love with her even more?!

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guh but the lame ass audience would not leave their fucking seats to dance to her incredibly danceable music?!!!! it got me SUPER mad...and like too bad at one point this guy told me to sit down?!!! and too bad i told him to get up and dance, and he was like; "Oh i'm ok sitting" and i was like: "um, this isn't a fucking dinner show bitch!"

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but good thing was that we met Angie Reed after, and took this picture (as seen on myspace!!)

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lol here i am expressing my love for her!

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oh and we went to the show with Trinity and her two Texan friends! and omg trnity was sooo high, as you can see in this picture!

DIANA, you have competition!!!

and that's it...
i'm going out tonight with my flat-mate fran (she's back in Leeds again!)...

we're goign to an Industrial-80's night!!!

sorry francisco...but i plan on staying most of the night in the industrial part!???

and OMG Brian is coming next week!!!! well in a little bit more than a week!!!
and i might be goign to Berlin again for REAAALLLZZZ!!!

i miss everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg and i got my ATM card taken away from me at the store?!!! so i am like TOTALLY broke!!!!!!!!!! someone please mail me some cash ASAP!!!
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