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back....but not quite yet

this is just a quick entry to let everyone or anyone who cares know that i somehow made it back from paris in one piece

although it was not as great as i thought it was going to be..

i have both great and horrible things to talk about from my trip

and i will probably take 3 days making up entries about everything...

as odd as it may sound i really really miss leeds...and my little life i had created there.

i'm excited to go back in a few days....

tonight is new years eve...we're suppoesd to go to a rented out flat and then maybe go to big ben???

and i actually got quite sad yesterday thinking about how much i miss everyone from back home in california....

and how much i miss being able to go out without having to put on like 10 layers of clothing (yes, even that can get tiring)

and how i miss being able to drive and meet up with people! and how i miss just talking to those i care so much about on the phone whenever i wanted to....


i hope everyone is having an amazing new years eve this year....

i feel as if i haven't spoken to everyone is years...

probably cuz so much has happened...

but, i'm off to look for books and eat!!!!!
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